Inspired by my leopard printed cushion, I decided to try out the design on my nails!

I used three different colors; all earthy tones, but you can use any tones of color that you prefer. I’ve seen pink or blue leopard prints, so I might try that out during the summer. I wanted something a bit warmer for autumn.

Here are the steps to how I did this.

1. Apply  a thing layer of base coat. This allows the colors applied later to be more vivid.

2. Add two coats of a light color of your choice. At this point it can be any color other than the creamy beige I chose.

3. Dab random spots (not necessarily circles) onto your nail.

4. With the darkest color of your choice, use a zig-zag motion to line the dabs from step 3. (Don’t out line the dabs fully; leave some areas open, like a real leopard print.)

Quite simple right? I think it is easy and quick, so I do it often.