It is already March and spring is approaching!

I wanted to try something bright and eye-catching, suited for the upcoming spring season. So, I decided to do french nails with a pink color that may almost remind you of Barbies.

This is the finished look. So let’s get started, shall we?

What you will need:

Starting from the left: Base Coat (Faceshop), Quick Dry (Faceshop), Top Coat (innisfree), Pink color of your choice (Dior 277), a peachy nude color (Shuuemura).

1. Apply a base coat for longer lasting colors.

2. Apply a coat of the nude color.

3. Add a second coat of the nude color.

3. With the pink, follow the original length of your nails as a guide to where the french nail part should go. Since I used a peachy tone, the white still shows through, making it easier.

4. Let it dry for a while, then apply the top coat.

5. Apply top coat after letting the nails dry for a bit.

6. As soon as the top coat is finished, add a couple drops of quick-dry solution to prevent smudging or impressions on the fresh nails.

Have fun!