This time I took polka dots to the next level. Let’s get started right away!

WHAT YOU WILL NEED: Two colors of your choice, top coat, base coat, quick dry, toothpick and cotton swab.

1. Apple base coat. After it dries, alternate your colors and apply them on your nails. The base coat allows smooth coats to be applied, and the color lasts longer.

2. Use cotton swabs (without the cotton) or a blunt toothpick to create patterns on your nails with the opposite color. You can stop at this point, or I went further and did some more.

3. I used nail art stickers from nature republic to decorate my blue nails along with pink polka dots on them.

4. Apply top coat, then quick dry to prevent any damages to the nail polish.

Have fun! This way, you can create any pattern you like! Mine went away so fast because I had to swim…I guess I’ll have to do another nail art, which means a new tutorial coming up!